Around Camp Calm

Camp Calm is a virtual “summer camp” for people to learn mindfulness skills.

Here’s an artist friend’s rendering of Camp:

Once you register for Camp Calm, you can roam around its different sites as you please, depending on what you need at a given time.

The Orientation Lodge

Your first stop at Camp is the Orientation Lodge. The Lodge is where you come to get your bearings and learn how Camp works.

The Meditation Hall

The Meditation Hall is where you learn the basics of meditation — the backbone of our mindfulness practice. After doing the seven lessons here, you’ll be ready to embark on the Wilderness Trail.

The Wilderness Trail

The heart of Camp Calm is a 30-day trek on the Wilderness Trail, representing your path of self-discovery as you begin to practice mindfulness a little bit every day.

The Trail consists of 30 daily lessons. Each day, we’ll explore one aspect of mindfulness, and do a short meditation. By the end of the Wilderness Trail, you will have an established meditation practice, and a much better idea of what it means to live mindfully.

The Resource Center

Having trouble, or just want some new things to try? The Resource Center offers tips, tools and techniques for common bumps in the road when it comes to meditation.

The Equipment Shed

There are a few files we make use of in Camp Calm, including recorded guided meditations, a printable progress-tracking sheet and a few others. You can find them all in the Equipment Shed.

The Campfire

Camp Calm is a community, and the Campfire is where you can meet the rest of us! Come to the discussion forum to ask questions or share what’s happening in your practice. You can also email David if you want to discuss something in private.

You will have access to all resources from all sections as soon as you register.

Camp Calm runs a few times a year. Enter your email to be notified about news and updates for future camps.

Season 7 opens for registration late July 2018. Sign up ASAP to get all the details.