What is Camp Calm Relax?

Camp Calm Relax is an online course that teaches you how to generate relaxation and equanimity using mindfulness.

What are the benefits?

You’ll learn how to relax your body wherever you go, which adds a lot of pleasure to daily life. Settle into the pleasant sensations of a supple and relaxed body, in couches, office chairs, waiting rooms, vehicles, diner booths — anywhere your body comes to rest.

You’ll learn to generate deep states of relaxation and equanimity in the mind, by practicing mindfulness of the relaxed body.

It will teach you simple method for cultivating the many general benefits of mindfulness practice: stress relief, improved sleep, better concentration, better emotional regulation, increased fulfillment, and various health benefits. (Just Google them.)

By the end of the Camp you’ll have a powerful inner tool you can use to bring mindful relaxation into every corner of your life.

Does it involve meditation?

Yes. We use a beginner-friendly method called Breathing With.

Instead of trying to maintain focus on the breath indefinitely, as with most methods, you’ll practice feeling and enjoying body sensations for a few seconds at a time, taking a break whenever you need. It’s an easy method that can be very enjoyable.

What is the format?

Most of the lessons are delivered through guided audio. Plug in, turn on, and I’ll take you through it. There are a few self-directed practices too, so that you learn to do the technique unguided.

You can do the course on any internet-connected device: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

There’s also a fun summer camp motif to it all. Camp Calm is set up as a “virtual place,” with different sections of the course representing different parts of the grounds.

Learn how things work in the Orientation Lodge. Learn skills and techniques in the Meditation Hall. When you’re ready to begin working your new practice, you embark on the Wilderness Trail.

There’s also a Resource Center if you need any additional help, and a discussion forum – known affectionately as The Campfire — for you to ask questions or chat with me and your fellow Campers.

You can also contact me directly with questions any time. I’d love to help.

How long does it take?

The pace is up to you. Most people take three weeks. The practices are about 20 minutes each, and there are seventeen in total.

You could do one practice a day, or one every other day, or any other schedule that suits you.

When does it start?

Once you’re registered, you can start any time.

There will be a group of Campers beginning on January 2, 2020, which you can join if you’d like to ring in the New Year with new powers of ease and relaxation.

But that’s optional — do the Camp whenever it works for you.

What does it cost and how can I register?

Camp Calm Relax is $59 USD and gives you permanent access to the course.

Registration is currently CLOSED and Camp is in session. Subscribe below to be notified of future Camps.

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About Me

I’m David Cain — writer, long-time meditator, and regular person. I’m the author of the human-experience blog Raptitude, and the creator of Camp Calm.

Mindfulness practice has changed my life, and I want to help as many people as possible learn mindfulness and incorporate it into their lives.

In my opinion the key to getting somewhere with mindfulness is daily, self-directed practice—not endless guided meditations—and I designed Camp Calm to help you establish your own.

Even if you aren’t interested in taking a Camp, I’m happy to answer any questions you have about mindfulness, meditation or anything related. Email me here.